Teen Board

Join the brand new Teen Auxiliary Board for students in high school ages 14-18 years old. The Teen Board is a great way to gain meaningful leadership experience, meet other teens from across the city, and have your service hours signed off by Big Shoulders Fund.

Who are we looking for?

facebook_event_483336645198557Big Shoulders Fund Teen Auxiliary Board is open to passionate and altruistic like-minded young adults who believe in the mission of the Big Shouldrs Fund. They support the mission of assisting the neediest inner-city Chicago Catholic schools through volunteering in the schools, outreach to the community and fundraising.

What does a Teen Auxiliay Board Member do?

  • Commit to one service day
  • contribute to drives
  • Assit during service activities by cheering for the racing team, and cleaning up schools.
  • 10 hour commitment a year

Interested in a leadership role? 

Consider joining one of our committees to help plan the Teen Board’s activities.

Executive Committeehs stuff

  • The Executive Committee will be comprised of select teenagers interested in more responsibility who will oversee the direction of the board. This will be made up of the chairs of the committee as well as officers of the Teen Board.
  • They will coordinate and oversee the other committees while providing the strategy for the Teen Board.
  • Members will plan, execute and oversee two all member meetings a year with special updates and networking opportunities.
  • They will meet bi-monthly, on the off months from the other committees, at the Big Shoulders Fund office and/or via phone.
  • This will be less hours of commitment, however you will still have plenty of opportunities to do both service and voice your opinion. This position is very accommodating to people who play sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • 30 hour commitment a year

Service Committee

  • The Service and Events Committee will be in charge of scheduling 2-4 service days for the Teen Board per year.
  • Members will also oversee the day of event and lead the group in activities.
  • Members are asked to attend at least 2 service days a year and come earlier than the rest of the board to ensure the day runs smoothly.
  • They will meet bi-monthly at the Big Shoulders Fund office and/or via phone.
  • 20 hour commitment a year

Outreach Committee

  • The Outreach Committee is in charge of recruitment of other high schools students across Chicago to join the Teen Board. We are always looking for more to be involved.
  • They will drive ways to bring in new members, reach new school communities and find ways to engage and retain members.
  • They will coordinate two recruitment events to answer questions and engage current members.
  • Members will be the school liaison and work with service and events committee individuals to drive attendance from their designated school.
  • They will meet bi-monthly at the Big Shoulders Fund office and/or via phone.
  • 20 hour commitment a year

Fundraising Committee

  • The Fundraising Committee will schedule and coordinate a supply and book drive during the school year. One will be held in December and one over the summer.
  • Members will work to deliver the items and schedule a day
  • The committee will also develop other creative ways for the Teen Board to support the schools.
  • They will meet bi-monthly at the Big Shoulders Fund office and/or via phone.
  • 20 hour commitment a year

If you are interested in joining the Teen Board, want to sign up to a committee or just want to know all of the ways to get involved please contact:
Amy Drozda
Director, Corporate Partnerships and Outreach
312.751.3850  ✶  adrozda@bigshouldersfund.org