Lend a Shoulder Day

Lend a Shoulder DayGo back to school this fall at the 17th Annual Lend a Shoulder Day, hosted by the Chairmen’s Advisory Council. It will be a fun morning seeing how your support is helping Big Shoulders Fund create brighter futures for 20,000 Chicago inner-city students attending 77 Catholic schools. Come see these brighter futures in action.

During your visit, you will not only see the school and classes in action but meet and engage with students. You may judge a science fair you may judge a science fair, participate in a math decathlon, read to students or be a part of any number of special activities the schools have in store for you!Take advantage of this unique opportunity to see firsthand how Big Shoulders Fund schools- 64 elementary and 13 high schools in the city’s most underserved neighborhoods- help the nearly 20,000 students create brighter futures.

Join us on November 8, 2017! Details to be shared closer to the event date. 

Amy Drozda
Director, Corporate Partnerships and Outreach
312.751.3850  ✶  adrozda@bigshouldersfund.org

Colleen Sprague
Assistant Director, Next Generation and Events
312.544.8691  ✶  csprague@bigshouldersfund.org