Brush Creek Schools

The Brush Creek Ranch Science Enrichment Program offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the best and brightest students attending Big Shoulders Fund schools. Below is the list of 33 Big Shoulders Fund schools that participated last year:

1. Academy St. Benedict
2. Epiphany
3. Holy Angels
4. Immaculate Conception
5. Maternity
6. Our Lady of Grace
7. Our Lady of Guadalupe
8. Our Lady of Snows
9. Pope John Paul II
10. Santa Lucia
11. St. Agnes
12. St. Angela
13. St. Ann
14. St. Barbara
15. St. Bartholomew
16. St. Bede
17. St. Catherine / St. Lucy
18. St. Ethelreda
19. St. Gabriel
20. St. Gall
21. St. Genevieve
22. St. Helen
23. St. Malachy
24. St. Margaret
25. St. Mary of the Angels
26. St. Nicholas Cathedral
27. St. Nicholas of Tolentine
28. St. Pius V
29. St. Procopius
30. St. Stanislaus Kostka
31. St. Sylvester
32. St. Thomas the Apostle
33. Visitation

Criteria for Participation

  1. Schools must have at least one teacher that has applied and been accepted as a Chaperone before students can apply to the program.
  2. Schools must recruit six current 6th and 7th graders – three boys and three girls – who can commit to the pre-trip enrichment sessions and the travel to Staddle Camp at Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming.
  3. Selected students should have a strong academic background, a passion for math and science, and a willingness to push themselves outside of their comfort zones.
  4. Schools with more or less than six students interested in the program will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

For more information about the Chaperone intake process, please consult the Brush Creek Teachers page.

Schools with students wishing to apply, please consult the Brush Creek Students page for application timeline and details.

Schools that have never participated before and are interested in getting involved in the Brush Creek Ranch Science Enrichment Program should contact Eliza Bryant.

For more information, contact Eliza Bryant.

Eliza Bryant 
Director, Academic Programs
312.544.8683  ✶