LLINK pageLLINK stands for Language and Literacy Instruction for the Negotiation of Knowledge, and it provides teachers with the instructional strategies and tools they need to become exceptional literacy teachers. The program was implemented in the 2014-2015 school year in seven schools. LLINK is centered around research based best practices that teachers can apply to enhance any literacy approach or curriculum they may use.

LLINK enhances the learning experience for our students because it adds consistency and value focused on literacy and language.

Teachers and administrators in participating schools are offered a comprehensive, inclusive and innovative literacy and language development framework.

Participating schools receive the following supports:

extensive professional development on the LLINK framework tailored to individual school needs

on-site instructional coaching and co-teaching by LLINK experts

assistance for selection of literacy and language development curricula and materials

opportunities to collaborate with within and across all LLINK schools

For more information, contact Rebecca Lindsay-Ryan.

Rebecca Lindsay-Ryan
Senior Director, Academic Programs and External Affairs
312.751.3851  ✶  rlindsayryan@bigshouldersfund.org


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