Big Shoulders Fund serves 20,000 students in 64 elementary schools and 13 high schools in the city of Chicago. The schools are an important resource for students and communities, with research showing that when a Catholic school closes the surrounding area experiences an increase in violence and a decrease in social cohesion.

These schools help realize the vision that there are educational outlets throughout Chicago where children can “charge up” and maximize their potential. Big Shoulders Fund is focused on ensuring these schools can remain open and viable for years to come, raising more than $300 million in support of this work since its founding in 1986.

Big Shoulders supports schools and programs that will ensure students receive a strong academic foundation in elementary school, enroll in quality, college prep high schools, enroll and persist in college, and lead productive lives as adults.

Strong Foundation in Elementary School

Big Shoulders Fund Terra Nova Student Performance vs. National Average

College Enrollment as Verified by the National Student Clearinghouse

Fall College Enrollment – High School Class of 2013

Matriculation into College Prep High Schools

High School Choices Class of 2014

Improved Long-Term Life Outcomes

Educational Attainment, Bachelor’s or Beyond life outcomes sm