How to Apply

Families interested in sending their child to one of our schools can apply for one of our many scholarships. Please contact the principal of your local Big Shoulders Fund school to discuss your scholarship eligibility and the application process.

We do not accept scholarship applications directly. The entire application process is done through our schools. Please understand that submitting an application does not guarantee a scholarship. Typically, we get many more applications than the resources we have available, but every single application is given careful consideration.

applyThings to remember:

Scholarships vary in amount awarded length of time depending on the type of scholarship.

There are more than 60 different Big Shoulders Fund scholarships for both elementary and high school students in Chicago.

Students must work to the best of their potential as determined by the school.

Families must agree to share their financial data and student assessment data with Big Shoulders Fund schools.

If you would like to enroll a child in one of our schools, please contact the Big Shoulders Fund school nearest you.

Not sure which school is right for you? Check out our map to find qualifying schools in your area.

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